Alina Celeste – Alina is a Family Musician and Teaching Artist. She has been teaching music to children and families for over ten years in New York, Los Angeles and now Miami. Alina’s Cuban-American upbringing exposed her to a wide range of popular music from Celia Cruz to the Beatles. Alina’s shows are a joyous, bilingual blend of parent -friendly sing-alongs, dance-alongs, and family jams, so be ready to jump, clap, dance and sing!





The alt Default – Formerly known as “Kick the Pigeon,” The alt Default is comprised of core members Nathaniel Wolkstein, David Connor and Hannah Nicholas, with support from members of the New World Symphony. Their music is technically savvy, beautifully orchestrated and full of pop sensibility.






Art of Cultural Evolution – The Art of Cultural Evolution is a non-profit organization whose mission is to share environmental and social ideas through art, film, publications, classes and workshops. The organization provides programs, exhibitions, events and projects to educate and engage the public in new ideas about cultural and environmental sustainability.






The Bad Apples Brass Band – a fun and funky New Orleans style Brass Band based in South Florida. Opening and jamming with bands including Bonerama, Papa Grows Funk, Glen David Andrews Band and Troy Anderson and his Wonderful World Band, The Bad Apples Brass Band has brought the New Orleans brass band sound to South Florida with an infectious street beat jam fused with funkiest jazz and the heaviest sound.






Big Chief – Brass and beat hit you upside your head with an immediacy and energy that you can’t find anywhere else. Big Chief presents music at its rawest, unfiltered and untamed- no processors, no playback, no drum machines, no mics. Sweat, breath and heart powered.






The Biscayne Poet – (The Biscayne Poet)Oscar Fuentes is a poet and performance artist from Miami, and the front man for The Oscar Fuentes Combo, a musical project where he blends his original beat-poetry with a jazz fusion band. Oscar is happy to have birthed, Beautiful Women Will Never Know, a body of poetic works and short stories that he put together, in his words: “as honestly as I could.”






The Bows and Ties – Wynwood Miami based folk duo Meaghan Gasch and Sarah Galvan. Blending together sweet Texas charm with the honest sounds of New York, this diverse duo brings a vintage vibe to their music. These girls play instruments such as the accordion, banjo, harmonica, ukulele, guitar, piano, drums, even a washboard! You name it, they play it!





Celestial – Celeste Tauchar aka “Celestial” has been on her way to musical success from a young age. Her most recent album, entitled Ghosts, is a unique blend of pop, rock, and indie sounds with powerful lyrics and vocal delivery. Currently, Celeste is molding her craft with other aspiring artists, producers, and songwriters at the University of Miami.






Cheap Trills Musical Improv – Cheap Trills is Miami’s only troupe dedicated exclusively to musical improv. This sensational show currently performs once a month at Just The Funny in Miami Florida. Founded in 2014, their dulcet tones currently soothe the wild beasts of the absolutely insane, always unpredictable Sunshine State. After all, the only certainties in life are death, taxes and Cheap Trills!






Christ Fellowship Church – CF has been a downtown institution for decades and not only are they a force for good, but their congregation is full of talented musicians! Last year they surprised us by rolling out an upright piano to complement a 5-piece band. Who knows what this year will bring!






Cold Medina – Cold Medina is a vagabond emcee, traversing the dusty cobblestone road to nowhere. Influenced as much by Big Pun as Charles Bukowski, his unique brand of hip-hop is rooted in the classic golden era sound, but distinguished by a voice all as his own.






Cult Love – Cult Love is a singer-songwriter duo composed of Es Oh and Aj Spagnolo. In late 2013 the two met and fell in musical love. Cult Love songs are written about life, loss, and adventure with at times darkly comedic influences.







DANGERFLOW – Take one part hip-hop, one part soul, add a dash of Afro-Cuban drum rhythms, shake well and enjoy. These carefully-blended ingredients make up the sound of South Florida’s most exciting & refreshing hip-hop band, Dangerflow. Dangerflow brings its hip-hop beat to the crowd with a cocktail of live drums, funky guitars, and jazzy horns.






Dangerfun Sideshow – Ladies and Gentlemen, do not try this at home! The Dangerfun Sideshow entertains all occasions with live music, stunts, andoutrageous acts. Comedic juggling, magic shows, burlesque performances, and contortionists are common place at a Dangerfun event. This rock n roll circus sideshow is based out of Miami, Fl but serves the greater South Florida area. Dare to have fun with the Dangerfun Sideshow!






Elianto Quintet – The Elianto Quintet was formed several years ago in New York City. It consists of students and graduates from the Juilliard School in Manhattan, one of the world’s premier performing arts institutions. Elianto specializes in a variety of favorite classical and pop tunes.  They are comprised of members of the New World Symphony.






Eric DaSilva – Eric DaSilva is best known for performing twice at Comedy Central’s South Beach Comedy Festival (2013 & 2014) and his one hour Comedy Album, Adorably Offensive. Born in Queens, NY and raised in Miami, FL, Eric quickly made appearances on Comedy Time Network, then featured on Hulu, headlined the NYC Annual Brazilian Day – American Comedy Show and his album can be heard on Pandora radio.






4MK – 4MK stands for “4 ManKind.” 4MK Spreads love, it’s the human way……we are here to spread love thru hip hop, reggae, soul, and R&B……..







Front Yard Theatre Collective – The Front Yard Theatre Collective is an initiative born out of spare time and love for theatre. It all started as a group of theater enthusiasts hanging out, and now it has become our favorite event, the last Thursday of every month. We are now a show, where original skits, musical guests, skits and surprising improv games unite to produce the greatest outdoor talent show in Wynwood.






Funkamole – This funky, funkified funk band is the offspring to a few disfunktional and funked out individuals and the funktastic hometown of Wynwood, Miami.







FUNctional Music Therapy – FUNctional Music Therapy is a private practice offering music therapy services to Miami-Dade, FL. Our children’s program Sing. Play. Grow. offers developmentally appropriate music groups for children. We will be offering an interactive music making experience for kids and have instruments for them to play along with.






Funky Serve Bots – The premiere B-boy crew of the 3-0-5. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how they translate the funkified rhythms of 60s and 70s into pure, incredible body movement. Side note – they also teach every Friday at 6th Street Dance studio in Little Havana. Maybe they can help you come correct too (wink wink).






The GPS Quintet – The GPS Quintet is a Miami-grown jazz combo that plays a litany of jazz standards and arrangements with a South Florida flavor. The lineup includes: Arnau Hanly – Jorda (alto saxophone), David Klein (trumpet), Brett Gilbert (piano), David Hernandez (bass), and Daniel Mesko (drums). Featuring Gilligan Phillip the Second  on auxiliary nose-flute.






Gypsy Cat Band – Gypsy Cat Band is Miami’s most unique musical act. The band combines traditional flamenco music with american musical idioms. Re-inventing classic songs and creating complex original music for their debut album, and elaborate work for theater shows like RevolutionEvolution.





H. Rap Brown –  Hugo Hefe a.k.a H. Rap Brown, originally from Philly, is the miami-based hip hop artist you should’ve known about years ago.  You can catch him occasionally performing at The Imperial open mic at the Stage. He may spit fire, but it burns with the truth.






Humbert – We have performed at SXSW, CMJ, etc. We have opened for national acts (Apples in Stereo, Dead Milkmen, Guster, etc). We organize the annual Hialeah Fest, although we had to skip it this year due to a family illness. We can rock it or play acoustic.  We have performed the national anthem (in 4 part harmony a cappella) at Miami Heat and Marlins (twice) games.
We’re cool 🙂





Liam Brien – Liam Brien is a singer/songwriter who has been performing since he could walk and talk. He has been studying at the University of Miami, but is originally from New York. He writes and performs in the pop/rock style.






LIVE! Modern School of Music – We are a contemporary music school based in Miami Fl , we are also part of the Berklee City Music Network. We currently have 9 different performing bands with students between the ages of 9 – 18 Yo. Our repertoire includes pieces ranging from the Beatles, Rolling sSones, Alan Smith, Kimbra, Imagine Dragons to Snarky Puppy, Herbie Hancock and Charlie Parker.




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The Motivational Edge – The Motivational Edge is an organization that utilizes culturally relevant arts as a motivational platform to inspire youth towards academic achievement, increased self-confidence and the building of essential life skills. Students from the program will perform.






Omni ZonaFranca – This Cuban/Miami artist collective is an unstoppable force. The positive vibes will blow you away and leave you begging for more. Experience their particular brand of performance art at this year’s Buskerfest Miami.







Najee Lee –  I’ve been playing for seven years and I’m working on developing my own style. My background is in blues, however, I do play some gospel, country, jazz and RnB.







Pocket of Lollipops – Posh Punk- Maitejosune Urrechaga  & Tony Kapel make music, art, films, novels, comics, installations and other what nots that make them happy. Some believe they are Aliens, don’t be scared, they are here to share.







ReidiculousReid – Born and raised in Key West, Florida, Reidiculous Reid began entertaining when he was 12 at the world famous Mallory Square to help his family with the financial burden. From there he found a passion in bringing laughter and excitement into peoples lives. Performing now for 10 years Reid travels the world with a comedy routine that combines acrobatics, fire juggling, and audience participation.






Ryan Rachal – Ryan Rachal is a miami based singer song writer who plays acoustic sets of his songs and also is an active member (front man) of local band 7 seas. Originally from Memphis, TN, Ryan grew up with a family member that played country music and toured with many artists around the country.





Snakeskin Outlaws – With classically influenced rockin’ riffs, groovy rhythms, soaring vocals and lyrics that make you wanna snort a line off a stripper; Snakeskin Outlaws is here to bring back the glory days of Rock N’ Roll. In their own words: “two guitars, some percussion, mostly raw electric, but swift acoustic!”






Sniptease – What’s good! One of my talents is dancing while performing fashion vandalism on live models. With my sharp scissors, I transform any t-shirt into art. I always draw a big crowd but never put out a hat.  Lauderdale represent!







Somewhat Hungover – Don’t let the name fool you. While it’s likely at least one of Somewhat Hungover’s members is “under the weather” at any given moment,  it never seems to stop them from throwing down the gauntlet with some of your favorite music from 60s soul to modern electronica. And with style.






The Tom Dover Trio – The Tom Dover trio is a group that is based in the Jazz tradition. The group focuses on songs from the Great American Songbook and from the great jazz composers like Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Herbie Hancock, and Duke Ellington.






The Tribe – The Tribe performs a variety of traditional and original percussion music. For over two decades and on three continents, The Tribe continues to enliven, with hands and skins, audiences from street crowds to amphitheaters.