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Afrobeta – With their dance-a-licious beats, Afrobeta’s songs are classic yet modern, underground yet Billboard chart-friendly. It wouldn’t be surprising to find Afrobeta writing songs for Madonna or even M.I.A. For now, Miami is lucky to have them on a regular basis; they’re a match in disco-house heaven.






Avocado Estate – Based at the University of Miami, Avocado Estate is a progressive bluegrass/old-time trio made up of James Schlender, Geoff Saunders, and Joy Adams.







Baby B Strings – Baby B Strings reinvents the concert hall by performing in unconventional spaces. Based in Miami, the crew can often be found jamming on Bach or the Beatles in a venue that has never hosted classical musicians.







Beretta Grove – Miami, Florida is where the four members of Beretta Grove call home and like Miami, a melting pot of different people and cultures, Beretta Grove is a melting pot of sound and genres fused together to create one sound that listeners from every decade and background can relate to.






The Biscayne Poet – (The Biscayne Poet)Oscar Fuentes is a poet and performance artist from Miami, and the front man for The Oscar Fuentes Combo, a musical project where he blends his original beat-poetry with a jazz fusion band. Oscar is happy to have birthed, Beautiful Women Will Never Know, a body of poetic works and short stories that he put together, in his words: “as honestly as I could.”






Bonefish Johnny – Bonefish Johnny has been crossing over between the blues, funk and jamband scenes for years, moving countless hearts, minds and bodies with his deep groove, original songs and clever renditions. Singer, songwriter, guitar picker, musicologist, Bonefish Johnny is a South Florida institution ya don’t stop!






The Bows and Ties – Wynwood Miami based folk duo Meaghan Gasch and Sarah Galvan. Blending together sweet Texas charm with the honest sounds of New York, this diverse duo brings a vintage vibe to their music. These girls play instruments such as the accordion, banjo, harmonica, ukulele, guitar, piano, drums, even a washboard! You name it, they play it!






Celeste Louise – Celeste Louise is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from northern California, currently in the Creative American Music program at the University of Miami. Her music artfully blends folk, pop, and country styles with powerful, hard-hitting lyrics. She also loves cats.






Cleaveland Jones – Singer-songwriter Cleaveland Jones has a sound that can best be compared to artists Sting, Peter Gabriel and Jason Mraz.  Noted as “excellent” by the Miami Herald and “best of Miami” by the Miami New Times, Jones has become a sought after artist in South Florida and plays venues such as The Standard Hotel, Bardot, The Fillmore, The Stage and Colony Theater.






Cold Medina – Cold Medina is a vagabond emcee, traversing the dusty cobblestone road to nowhere. Influenced as much by Big Pun as Charles Bukowski, his unique brand of hip-hop is rooted in the classic golden era sound, but distinguished by a voice all as his own.






Fixos Psiloyenis Jazz Trio – Fixos Psiloyenis has been playing saxophone for over 16 Years. Inspired by John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter, come here his killing trio play a unique blend of blues, funk and jazz at Avenue D.







Front Yard Theatre Collective – The Front Yard Theatre Collective is an initiative born out of spare time and love for theatre. It all started as a group of theater enthusiasts hanging out, and now it has become our favorite event, the last Thursday of every month. We are now a show, where original skits, musical guests, skits and surprising improv games unite to produce the greatest outdoor talent show in Wynwood.






Hugo Hefe – Originally from Philly, Hugo is the miami-based hip hop artist you should’ve known about years ago.  Four mixtapes in, his style and rhymes just keep getting tighter.







Kick the Pigeon – Musicans from the New World Symphony collaborate with a multitude of instruments including string bass, ukulele, guitar and singing to create a variety of music!







Liam Brien – Liam Brien is a singer/songwriter who has been performing since he could walk and talk. He has been studying at the University of Miami, but is originally from New York. He writes and performs in the pop/rock style.







Low Gravity – Low Gravity is a high-energy hip-hop duo from South Florida that brings an old school vibe back to hip hop with their laid-back attitude driven to capture your attention.







Matthew Evan Taylor – Saxophonist and composer Matthew Evan Taylor, influenced by jazz, classical music and rock will treat us with some of his original music mixed with his favorite jazz standards.







The Musical Chairs –  Vera Arias an artist/ cyclist in the city of Miami who uses music to describe situations in her own life that disempower me and sing about solutions. Andrea Going Green is a feminist, environmentalist, cyclist and roller derby girl. She will be singing about bad neighborhoods and riding your bike on a really narrow road. Together, they are the Musical Chairs!






Pocket of Lollipops – Posh Punk- Maitejosune Urrechaga  & Tony Kapel make music, art, films, novels, comics, installations and other what nots that make them happy. Some believe they are Aliens, don’t be scared, they are here to share.







Problem Kids – Problem Kids have quietly become one of Miami’s best local acts. They are a group that blends together some of the influences readily seen here in Miami: Latin Funk, Hip Hop, Alt Rock, and Tropical music. Their sound brings in different elements of all those genres, while the flows provided by the two lead emcees focus on the storytelling aspects that defined older hip hop.






Ryan Rachal – Ryan Rachal is a miami based singer song writer who plays acoustic sets of his songs and also is an active member (front man) of local band 7 seas. Originally from Memphis, TN, Ryan grew up with a family member that played country music and toured with many artists around the country. Ryan will be joined by Andres Daza on Djembe.






Smokestack Rock – Smokestack Rock is a fusion of old school blues guitar and piano with the modern musical elements of today. Much like The Beatles and Eric Clapton translated blues legends like Robert Johnson and Roosevelt Sykes to rock and roll, Smokestack Rock attempts to do the same.






Somewhat Hungover – Don’t let the name fool you. While it’s likely at least one of Somewhat Hungover’s members is “under the weather” at any given moment,  it never seems to stop them from throwing down with some of your favorite music from  60s soul to modern electronica. And with style.






Spectrum – We’re a progressive metal band from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We’ve been playing together a little over a year now and are looking to start touring; we’re also recording a full length album.







The Tribe – The Tribe performs a variety of traditional and original percussion music. For over two decades and on three continents, The Tribe continues to enliven, with hands and skins, audiences from street crowds to amphitheaters.