Young Musicians Unite

Enjoy multiple ensembles that are part of the Young Musicians Unite program.

Young Musicians Unite, a non-profit founded in 2013, has been giving students a voice through music by revitalizing music programs one school at a time. YMU addresses the music education concerns in our most underserved communities by partnering with highly regarded educators to offer comprehensive free music programming in local schools. By collaborating with schools that have limited or no music programs, YMU offers a platform for young musicians in the Wynwood and Overtown communities to unite and reinforce the importance of music education.

Under the leadership of Sammy Gonzalez, YMU engages youth from at-risk communities and provides them with comprehensive music programming. Depending on their individual school, students participating in YMU can join a guitar ensemble, a jazz ensemble/combo, rock ensemble or drum line. YMU will be offering 11 music programs in 6 different schools; expanding enrollment to 180+ students this 2017-2018.