Since the dawn of time, there has been an ancient order of servants to the infinite known as Pewpts, who have devoted themselves to spreading the message of The Bird.

This version of the ancient sect originated in Miami and has been captivating audiences with their ability to shift tone and genre at a breakneck pace. Once initiated, the audience is swooped up by the spirit of The Bird and taken on a spiritual journey that encompasses the eclectic inspirations that power the engine of eternity. All reaches of the musical landscape are represented, funk, jazz-fusion, punk , aleatoric funeral party music, trancehall, afrobeat, celebratory/adverserial parade music, folk, doo-wop, historical/political pastiche, to abstract expressionism. Pewpts is able to draw from this diverse array of influences to entrance the audience into a state of higher being and a sense of total captivation.

Every Pewpts show is custom tailored to that night, bringing the audience a multimedia art experience that is impossible to forget.

The Word of The Bird has been given a beak. We are the avenue for The Bird’s speech. You have been invited to partake in this one way conversation with The Bird. We can only hope that it isn’t too late. Pewpts will sing to the Bird until we receive another message. We can only hope that The Bird likes music.