Mike Cintron

Born in NYC, Mike Cintron started performing stand up comedy after graduating college. With a twisted combination of real life stories and his opinion on society’s ills, Mike brings raw honesty in the form of hysterical humor. He has won both The Boca Raton Comedy Festival Contest and National Lampoons Underground Comedy Contest, and appeared on several radio stations / podcast. Mike has also featured for such names as Tom Segura, Christina Pazsitzky, Sugar Sammy, Flip Shultz, Dave Siegel, and Tony Rock. Always keeping the audience on their toes, Mike Cintron is sure to leave them surprisingly snorting with laughter.
2010 National Lampoons Comedy Contest Winner
2010 Boca Raton Comedy Festival Contest Winner
2012 Boca Raton Winter Comedy Festival Contest Winner
2013 MTV Guy Code Miami Comedy Showcase
2014 & 2012 Florida’s Funniest Comedian Semi-Finalist