John Nichols + The Wild

John Nichols + The Wild is a collaboration born out of extreme respect and admiration between musicians. We are an acoustic ensemble that takes a variety of musical configurations. We have a dream team of musicians capable of shredding everything from violins and guitar, to banjo and ukulele. The idea began when long-time friends and collaborators Joy Adams and John Nichols became room mates. Joy Adams is the cello player for The Wild, a folk-inspired string quartet who capture the elegance and grace of classical music in a way that allows their unique personalities shine through, composing a musical story unlike anything you’ve ever heard. John Nichols is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is constantly seeking ways to challenge himself and push the boundaries of what it means to be a great musician. What better way to accomplish this than by surrounding yourself with a string quartet of some of the best musicians around? So the collaboration grew naturally, with house jams eventually becoming arrangements that led to performance opportunities. The true beauty of this group lies in the collaborative nature; there is no single songwriter and everyone contributes to the arrangements. This has lead to a situation where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. We humbly invite you to share our love for music, and come join us in creating a sound that will be unlike anything else you’ve heard before.