George Gilbert

On June 27th, 1986, George Gilbert was born in Baltimore, Maryland at the age of 0. There isn’t much else to say about his birth because George is writing this biography in the (apparently more professional) third person and at this age he was too young to develop memories. Later, when George was 8 years old, he borrowed a book about Harry Houdini from his school library. He read the book from beginning to end at least 20 times and the rest of his formative years were spent practicing tricks and making people laugh. Although for his age he was becoming good at doing magic ticks, most people would say that it was his quick wit and natural charm that won people over. George never returned the Houdini book to his elementary school library and is sticking with his childhood claim that it mysteriously disappeared.

At the age of 18, George Gilbert decided to drop out of college and immediately began performing magic on the street, because that’s where dreams are made. Living off of his wits to make ends meet, George began traveling the USA and having awesome adventures while developing a comedy magic show that (according to this biography) can accurately be described as an unforgettable one man variety extravaganza.

Aside from Gilbert’s preferred locations to do street shows, some of his favorite venues have been the French Embassy theatre where he made a female French acrobat cry tears of joy while watching his performance. Or the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk where he was named “The Greatest Entertainer Around”. While in Ocean City, George developed a cult-like following of tourists who applauded his show while stuffing their faces with kettle corn and funnel cake.

Fast forward to the age of “much older”, George Gilbert is still traveling the world with his unique style of entertainment, mixing comedy, magic, circus skills and sideshow stunts. He has performed thousands of shows at festivals, fairs, theaters and corporate functions. George Gilbert continues to chase his childhood passion of mystifying people while making them laugh. He loves his audiences and his audiences love his performance!