Fire Circus

Fire Circus provides a unique style of entertainment that incorporates talents such as fire arts, dance, cirque, juggling, and theater. We specialize in entertaining and captivating audiences of all ages. Fire Circus creates an atmosphere of excitement while maintaining the illusion of danger, through hypnotic visual and artistic elements inspired by ancient traditions. Fire Circus has been performing professionally with a combined experience of over a decade and we have an expanding arsenal of unique talents that will mesmerize you with fire! Fire Circus specializes in fire entertainment as well as LED light shows and daytime circus entertainment.

Our fire show includes props such as: Fire poi with 2 and 3 poi, Fire hula hooping with up to 4 fire hula hoops, Fire hula hoop juggling, Fire club juggling, Fire club passing, Fire fans, Fire eating, Fire bull whip, Fire rope dart, fire staff, fire double staffs, Fire acrobatic yoga as well as choreographed performances with music.

We also specialize in non-fire daytime circus entertainment and offer choreographed performances with up to 3 day poi, manipulating up to 6 hula hoops at a time, hula hoop juggling with 3 hula hoops, ball and club juggling, partner pass juggling,acrobatic yoga performances, as well as stilt walking and balloon art.