Fasil Malik

While most people speak in sentences, Fasil Malik speaks in setups and punch lines. Admittedly awkward and hilarious to his core, Fasil, born in NYC, raised in New Jersey, moved to Miami to work on his tan (and his comedy).

Fasil has earned some serious creds over the years, including becoming the 2016 Inaugural Coral Gables Comedy Festival Winner, a 2017 Inaugural Coconut Grove Comedy Festival Winner, a Semi-Finalist for the 2014 Florida’s Funniest Comedian Contest, a 2018 top 101 World Series of Comedy Comics in the Country and a two-time finalist for the 2015 and 2017 Ultimate Miami Comedian Contest. So talented, so unique, and so quick to garner laughs, he was even chosen to be the opening comedic act for Award Winning Artist Patti LaBelle as he performed in front of 2,600 people at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

Fasil has a clean style of comedy that is witty, to the point and will have you wondering what will he say next. He is likable, his topics are super relatable, and he’ll never shy away from an awkward moment or a little self-deprecation.

He can be found on Twitter, Facebook or on the No Fly List.