Oh man, last night’s Buskerfest Miami 2017 kick-off party at Concrete Beach was TOPS! We enjoyed some dope tunes from Rage and Rod and hung out with friends old and new while sipping on tasty suds. Don’t worry if you missed it – this is just the start of the Buskerfest Miami train. If you’re a performer, consider applying to perform at the festival. Perhaps your skill lies in helping people, lugging equipment, or being an ambassador. If that sounds like you, think twice about signing up to volunteer with us!

The weekend is here and you know what that means: here are our unsolicited opinions about how you should spend your money and time. Trust us, we are experts.

Friday, September 22

Nag Champayons Present Psychedelic Jazz Irma Recovery Party At Roots Miami, Miami Kava, 10PM

“Pyschedelic Jazz Irma Recovery Party.” Let that phrase sink in. Have a clear image in your mind? Neither do we, but we love Nag Champayons and the mind-bending electro trips they put us on. They are performing sets late into the night at the weird bungalow/venue called Miami Kava. Trippy sounds paired with brewed tonics meant to make you feel fully alive. Who needs hallucinogens?

Saturday, September 23

Arcade Fire in Coral Gables, Watsco Center, 8PM

Thank goodness Arcade Fire finally decided to drop the whole Reflektors charade. We still remember when they did the pop-up shows a few years back at LHCC and Mecca and refused to play any of their old material. They are back with a new album that continues the dance-rock machinations of the Reflektors, but at least they are calling themselves Arcade Fire. We bet you’ll hear some hits at this one. Tickets can still be had on the second hand market, but it’s gonna cost you. Still, this band puts on a hell of a show.

Sunday, September 24

Salman Rushdie at Books & Books, 4PM

OK, this one is a little outside of our normal recommendations, but we really like Salman Rushdie‘s work and he’s at our favorite independent bookstore Sunday (Books & Books) and for the price of his new book, you get to meet the man. Well kind of, he’ll be just down the street at Coral Gables Congregational Church. It’s a great chance to hear one of the world’s most decorated authors speak and an opportunity for you to be enlightened on an otherwise normal Sunday afternoon.

That should fill your weekend up right. We’ll be sharing more details about Buskerfest Miami 2017 over the next few weeks. It’s going to be the best December 15th of all time. Trust us, we are experts.

Much Love,

The Buskerfest Team