Greetings Buskernuts! If your week is anything like ours, you could use some pure enjoyment. Thankfully, Spring in Miami never disappoints. Here’s a concentrated list of what we think will help you cut loose this week/weekend:

Thursday, March 9

Batuke Samba Funk, North Beach Bandshell, 7-10pm

Part of the 2nd Thursday Dance Night series by the Rhythm Foundation, this event will help you get your hips moving. Learn how to dance the Brazilian Samba to tunage from the Batuke Samba Funk all for the economical price of $0. Trying to find love in the Magic City? Dance moves are a prerequisite to make sure that Tinder date doesn’t turn into a fiasco.

Friday, March 10

Mad Cat Theatre Company presents Protest and Audience, Miami Theater Center, 8pm

The crazy kids from Mad Cat Theatre have an incredible 17th season (!!!) lined up including two plays, Protest and Audience, from playwright Vaclav Havel. Written in 1978, Audience deals with the travails of Havel’s alter-ego Ferdinand Vanek – recently released from jail for anti-government activities. Valek is stuck in the bleak office of the foreman of the brewery where he has been forced into menial labour. The tedious bureaucracy and constant paranoia of life under the Communists have driven the foreman to alcoholism and to the brink of insanity – he is prone to bouts of rage and despair. In Protest, Havel’s alter ego Ferdinand Valek has escaped his hellish office to visit the middle-class home of one of his friends. He is hoping to convince his old friend Stanek to sign a petition renouncing the regime. Apropos for our times, no?

Saturday, March 11

Miami Girls Rock Camp Carnival of Sounds, Wynwood Yard, 12-6pm

Gotta love MGRC and their efforts to empower girls through music. This weekend you can give them more than props – you can give them some $$$ to help make their summer camp better than ever before. There’s a nice performance line-up and a raffle full of neat prizes to complement the food and drink offerings of our favorite spot, Wynwood Yard. No better way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Period.

Sunday, March 12

Calle Ocho Street Festival, 10am-7pm

Ok, this one is obvious. Calle Ocho is being shut down for a full-day block party in celebration of Carnaval. This party has been around for 40 friggin years, so you know it’s going to be chock full of good times. In no particular order, you can enjoy: dozens of music acts, a Cuban sandwich smackdown, a croqueta eating competition, street performers and a ridiculously long list of other activities. Come hungry and ready to dance in the street.

That’s enough fun for one weekend, right? Don’t forget to join us on the Miami Science Barge on Thursday, March 16 for the third edition of CULTRA co-presented with The Imperial open mic. You know you want to see the performers navigate the gentle rocking-of-the-boat for Miami’s (maybe) first aquatic open mic. See you there.

Much Love,

The Buskerfest Team