Hope you all enjoyed Make Music Day on June 21. Chances are good that your city was part of the celebration given that over 750 international communities participate each year. Here in Miami, we enjoyed strolling down Lincoln Road, which was filled with performers like Front Yard Theatre Collective, Andre Carvajal, UOM and Matthew Sabatella. It’s amazing how performers transform a neighborhood almost immediately. It makes you want to keep walking to discover what is going on just a block away. The energy is simply infectious. Make Music Day acts as a good reminder of the role our artists play in community building and quality of life. It’s a lesson we should carry with us throughout the year as our city undergoes constant change and our venues disappear.

(Steps of soap box)

If you missed MMD, never fear, the Magic City has plenty for you this weekend.

Friday, June 23

Miami Performance International Festival, Edge Zones Art Projects, 8pm

The Miami Performance International Festival, now in it’s sixth year, is moving to a new venue, but you can look forward to the unique blend of noise and art this event is known for. The Festival runs throughout the weekend and Friday night includes several familiar names like Pocket of Lollipops and Rat Bastard. Lose yourself in the random and overwhelming sounds that seem like radio transmissions from some far off galaxy. There’s no barrier to entry (it’s FREE) and you might just gain a higher state of being.

Saturday, June 24

The Soul of Opa-Locka Show, The ARC, 5:30-11pm

There’s far more to Opa-Locka than bizarre Arabian architecture and a corrupt city government. In fact, there is a really dope cultural center called The ARC that hosts events and art shows. There’s also ton of talented locals who will be performing as part of Life Is Art’s Soul of Opa-Locka Show. This showcase has something for everyone including previous CULTRA performers Godson the Great and Edwaffle. You can look forward to a diverse night capped with a set from Miami’s Latin jammers PALO! and eats from Ms. Cheezious. Did we mention it’s FREE? See you there.

Sunday, June 25

Summer Sesh, Open Stage Club, 7:30pm

This event wins the award for Best Flyer 2017. That’s not an official designation, but using Goonies iconography in marketing is pure brilliance. Finish out the weekend with Miami’s resident rocker kids, Sunghosts, Deaf Poets, Cannibal Kids and Games We Play at Coral Gables’ funky new venue, Open Stage Club. A mere $10 gets you in the door for hours of dancing and head banging. Don’t worry about work on Monday. That’s what sick days are for.

We’ll be back next week with more suggestions for how to spend your idle time. See y’all out in these streets!

Much Love,

The Buskerfest Team