We survived the flood! Man, those images of manhole covers being sprayed upward from the mass of water underground was CRAY. But, the waters receded (here’s looking at you, Morgan Freeman, in Deep Impact). Just in time for another Summer weekend in the 305 chock full events. Here’s our recommendations if you want guaranteed fun times.

Thursday, August 3

PAMM Free Community Night: Nu Deco Ensemble, 7-8pm, PAMM

Miami’s preeminent chamber orchestra, Nu Deco, is bringing their talents to PAMM for a FREE show. The show features a piece called Sacred Geometry, which “is a meditative electro-acoustic performance on visual sound patterns generated by resonances of sound waves with music by Ricardo Romaneiro and live visual projections by Christian Hannon.” Sounds cool bro. Get there early though because space is limited.

Friday, August 4

Bollywood Picnic on Surfside Beach, Surfside, 4pm

Bollywood and the beach – two things that start with the letter “B.” Were not sure what else they have in common, but really, who cares. This quirky gathering is free to attend, offers live music, dancing, yoga, complimentary coconut water and snacks. And it’s on the freaking shore. Ditch your lame happy hour and do something wholesome for a change. Belly shirts encouraged.

Saturday, August 5

WD Miller & The Revolvers, The Barely Damned, Reverend Ron, Lone Wolf OMB, Churchill’s Pub, 9pm

Holy Blues, Batman. Grab some suds and tuck in to a night full of Miami originals including good friends Reverend Ron, Lone Wolf and The Barely Damned. $5 gets you into this self-proclaimed “swamp riot.” Just bring your galoshes – things might get messy.

Sunday, August 6

Just The Tip Comedy Show, Yo Space, 8pm

Yo Miami is back with Just The Tip – an opportunity for local comics to work on long form material. They only get paid if you give them a tip, get it? We like tips and suggest you pack your pockets with some loose change and those dollar bills you were going to waste at the King of Diamonds. Get a laugh, play some Nintendo 64 and maybe come down from the weekend with craft beer. Beer is healthy, right?

Might as well get it while you can. You never know how long we have left. The next flood might never recede. At least then we can fish on Alton Road everyday. See you next week!

Much Love,

The Buskerfest Team